To ensure greater outreach and comprehensive programmes, we need all the help we can get. Whether it is for the long haul or for a short term, we would love to meet up with you to discuss how you can be an asset to the Magical Light family and we in turn can benefit from your open heart. Here are the immediate honorary positions to be filled:

  • Director, Logistics
  • Director, Operations, India (Various locations)
  • Director, Operations, Thailand
  • Research and Ideation for various projects (current and future)
  • Video-grapher / Photographer for mission trips
  • Manager, Social Media
  • Manager, Administration
  • Writer, Asia’s Needs
  • Writer, Features
  • Secretariat

Please write to us at Please include interested position in the subject title.


There are many ways to help Asians in need. Beyond spending time to execute sustainable programmes and ensure an efficient headquarters, other avenues of contribution include professional mentoring and corporate social responsibility partnerships. Drop us an email at to set up a meet up or start a conversation.